Big Six Meat Box XL | Pick Your Six




Choose any 6 items for £50.  Choose From:

Diced Beef (2lb)
Chicken Fillet (3lb)
Flavoured Chicken (3lb)
Grilling Steak (3lb)
Giant T-bone Steak (Min. 500g)
Sirloin Steak (6 Pieces)
Pork Steak (10 Pieces)
Gammon Steak (8 Pieces)
Gammon Joint (3lb)
Pork Joint (3lb)
Pork Belly (2lb)
Bacon Ribs (2lb)
Lamb Cutlets (6 Pieces)
Best Bacon & Sausage (2lb)
Minced Steak (2lb)
Salt & Pepper Chicken Stir Fry (2lb)
Salt & Pepper Beef Stir Fry (2lb)
Beef & Spring Onion In Black Bean Sauce (2lb)
Premium Donner Kebab


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